Notary service in Thailand.

Our Thailand notary service is performed by our licensed Thai lawyers and can be performed for any number of specific verification tasks.
Notary service

Thailand notarial services attorney.

We certify signatures, administer oaths, certify affidavits, depositions or testimonies and record notarial protests. Examples of documents commonly notarised are passports, contracts, bank statements, land title deeds, power of attorney, applications for international visa and others.

Our notary services.

  • Authentication of signature and other ID such as passports
  • Authentication and certification of the execution of documents intended for international use
  • Witnessing contracts and other related documents
  • Certification of translations
  • Verification of documents
  • Authentication of title deeds
  • Power of attorney
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Notarial certifications
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