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Corporate secretarial & compliance services in Thailand.

We will swiftly and accurately execute and report any updates to your company details and make sure it’s always compliant.

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Our company secretary & business administration services.

Appointing a company secretary is usually handled and decided by the directors or primary investors of the company. The role of the secretary is to take a portion of the executives’ duties and to lessen their workload in the company. Even though appointing a company secretary isn’t a mandatory requirement according to Thai Civil and Commercial Code, however, it is a suggested to have a qualified legal company to assist you with maintaining mandatory filings and records for your Thai company to ensure that your company is following correct legal procedures in Thailand.

A company can expect certain changes during its operations and recording and registering such corporate changes with the Thai authorities requires a qualified legal counsel. At Acclime, we can assist you with all your requirements to maintain and file all your mandatory records and paperwork for your company. Having an experienced track record for providing such services, we can assist you with comprehensive and cost-effective packages to maintain your organisational requirements. Our corporate secretarial services are built to service all company sizes and industries. Our comprehensive list is inclusive of the services listed below:

Drafting minutes & domain names:

Documents maintained by our compliance services.

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    Statutory registers and books including affidavit and any updates
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    Maintenance of minutes book and shareholder register book
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    All agreements relating to shares
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    Tax and VAT registration documents
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    Corporate license and permits (if any)
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    Financial statements
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    Company seal

Advantages of appointing an experienced legal firm.

Filing and maintenance of corporate documents should be handled by a competent and professional firm. To avoid careless mistakes and loss of documents, an experienced legal firm should be appointed by the company. Professional legal staff can assist your company to file correct information, documents and resolutions with the relevant government departments in a timely manner. Most importantly, an experienced firm will make sure your financial documents are correct and filed on time to avoid any liabilities or penalties with the government departments.

If you are starting a business in Thailand, Acclime can offer a free consultation to help you with understanding our corporate secretarial services and what is required to keep your company compliant with Thailand’s legal requirements.

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Ashmin, Acclime business services coordinator