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Company registration in Thailand

Register your company in Thailand fast & affordably.

Acclime makes it easy for foreign entrepreneurs and established businesses to start their company in Thailand. With our complete company registration services, you can have your Thai business registered from a single convenient place in as fast as 7 days.

company registration in thailand
2,000+ big and small companies in Thailand trust Acclime.
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fast service

Fast processing times

We work hard at getting your business up and running. Most new companies can be set up in 7 business days.

transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

Get a clear picture of your costs before you start with our upfront and affordable pricing. There are no hidden fees waiting for you around the corner.

flexible solutions

Flexible solutions

With our customisable services, we are able to help you find tailored a legal solution built around your specific business objectives and needs.

Complete one-stop solution

All the services you need to successfully start and run your Thai business.

By offering a full range of business, accounting, legal and immigration services in a single place, we are able to seamlessly guide you through the strict government requirements from start to finish, help you avoid common pitfalls and find a flexible solution that works best for you.

Essential services.

Foreign entrepreneurs and established companies face the following government requirements when setting up a company in Thailand:

Business address

Use our company’s address as your virtual or registered address to satisfy the legal requirements for setting up a company in Thailand.


Every Thai company needs to have at least one director (Thai or foreign depending on business activity). Our team can will advise you on the role and outline the requirements to make sure you make this appointment appropriately.


Two (or more) shareholders are required for each company. Our team will advise on helping you to achieve the shareholding structure you desire and suggest approaches to realise the desired ownership.

Registered capital

Capital requirements vary among different business structures. However, companies employing a foreign staff or directors who reside in Thailand and need a work permit must have 2M THB in registered capital per such employee.

Corporate bank account

A registered Thai company is eligible to apply for a corporate savings, checking and/or foreign currency account with online banking.

Tax & VAT registration

Each business is automatically registered for tax purposes. Those employing foreign staff/director or with turnover higher than 1.8M THB per year need to also register for VAT.

Social fund registration

Registering all employees (Thai or foreign) at the Social Security Office. This is mandatory for all full-time employees and it grants them access to the social security benefits.

Business licenses

Operating in certain industries requires obtaining a business lincese. We can help you check the requirements for your business and obtain all relevant licenses.

Foreign business license

We can help you acquire a foreign business license – a mandatory license allowing majority-foreign owned businesses to operate in Thailand.

Acclime is recognised and recommended by both local & international authorities
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Additional services & obligations.

Accounting & audit

We provide a wide range of monthly and annual services that are mandated by the Revenue Department.

Corporate compliance

Registering changes in your company, such as change in name, capital, shareholders, address and more.

Intellectual property

Protect your company’s assets and mark with trademarks, patents and copyright.

Domain registration (

Registration of domain for your business (this extension is only available to Thai-registered businesses).

BOI application

If your business activity falls within the scope of promoted industries, we can help you assess your eligibility, apply for and obtain the BOI promotion.
Business structures in Thailand

Select the perfect structure for your business.

Representative office.

Ideal for foreign companies seeking to study Thai market for business development purposes.

  • dot
    Non-trading entity
  • dot
    Foreign ownership ≤ 100%
  • dot
    3M+ THB required capital
  • dot
    Restricted to 5 activities
  • dot
    No shareholders required

Setup time

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Limited company. MOST POPULAR

Ideal for most businesses. Takes the shortest time to register and isn’t restricted in activities.

  • dot
    Trading entity
  • dot
    Foreign ownership ≤ 100%
  • dot
    2M+ THB required capital*
  • dot
    Unrestricted in activities**
  • dot
    2 shareholders required

Setup time

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Ideal for established companies wishing to expand their foreign head office to Thailand.

  • dot
    Trading entity
  • dot
    Foreign ownership ≤ 100%
  • dot
    3M+ THB required capital
  • dot
    Activities limited by FBA
  • dot
    No shareholders required

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*If the limited company employs foreign staff or directors, it needs to have 2M THB in registered capital per foreign employee and be also registered for VAT. A majority Thai-owned limited company with no foreign staff or directors doesn’t have any capital requirements.

**Provided the limited company has majority Thai ownership. If the foreign ownerships exceeds 50%, the business needs to apply for a foreign business license and starts facing FBA restrictions on its activities.

company registration in thailand
Not sure about how to get started?

Get a free 30-minute consultation on starting your company in Thailand.

We can advise you on anything from the optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership to shareholder requirements and more.

Ashmin, Acclime business services manager
100% foreign business ownership options

Gain full control of your company as a foreigner in Thailand.

It is possible for foreigners to own 100% of the shares of a company in Thailand on the basis of engaging in unrestricted activities or taking advantage of certain structures and government incentives.

BOI promotion POPULAR

A limited company operating in an industry promoted by The Board of Investment. Besides full ownership, such a company can enjoy the benefit from tax and non-tax incentives and other government concessions.

US Treaty of Amity

US citizens can exercise 100% foreign ownership of a company in Thailand by utilising the bilateral Treaty of Amity agreement between the USA and Thailand.

Majority foreign-owned limited company

A limited company can gain full foreign ownership by making an application for a foreign business license. The activities of such company are however limited by the restrictions of the Foreign Business Act.

Representative, branch and regional offices

Other corporate registrations for foreign-registered companies are possible with each carrying specific restrictions on operations and profit/revenue generations.

Export company

A limited company with the sole objective to export tangible products or materials outside of Thailand.

Manufacturing company

A limited company with the sole objective to manufacture goods and sell them outside of Thailand.

Simple steps

How company registration in Thailand works.

company registration in thailand

Reserve a company name

The company registration process starts with reserving your company name with the Department of Business Development (DBD).


Prepare, sign & file documents

We will collect essential information about your new company, prepare the paperwork, collect your signature and submit the documents to the DBD.


Company registration

The processing time will depend on the specifics of your business. Once completed, you will receive the registration documents along with a company/tax ID.


Open a company bank account

Simply tell us what bank and branch, what type of account you require, and who will sign.


VAT registration

The need to register for VAT arises from employing foreigners and exceeding a yearly revenue of 1.8M THB. We will need documents from the owner of your business premises and a copy of the lease agreement.


Social fund registration

Your employees (both Thai and foreign) need to be registered with SSF. We will need copies of their ID cards, photos at their workplace, salary and position details. This is required for the visa extension (step 9).


Visa application

We can help secure relevant visa for a foreign director and staff so that they can stay and work legally in Thailand.


Work permit application

We will need your photos, medical certificate (from a Thai doctor), copies of your education certificates, and details of your salary and position.


Visa extension

Your initial visa was for 90 days, but following your work permit application, this can be now extended. This requires various documents from your company, including the details of the VAT and SSF registration.


Reliable and customer-oriented

“Acclime is a professional, reliable and very customer orientated company. If you look for a company to assist you with legal maze in Thailand, and/or need some assistance with the bookkeeping, Acclime is the company to go!”
Paul Krijger, Central Oceans Thailand
Acclime benefits

Why businesses choose to register their company with Acclime.

customer support

Fast & clear communication

Talk to our responsive team without losing anything in translation. We speak fluent English and make sure you are always up to date with the process and you are getting all the answers you need.

transparent pricing

Experienced lawyers

Our legal and consulting Thai staff are fully licensed and have over 15 years of experience in company registration and all facets of Thai business and commercial law for foreigners. 

flexible solutions

High international standards

We continually help our clients navigate the most complex aspects of starting a business in Thailand while constantly improving the quality of our service and setting the industry benchmark.

Ready to get started?

Join the hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs and businesses who have already set up their companies in Thailand.

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Last-minute questions?

How much does it cost to register a company in Thailand?

The costs and legal fees for setting up a Thailand company will vary based on the type of corporate structure and the overall scope of legal work. That is why we encourage our customers to get a quote for their specific case. Our corporate legal fees are almost entirely based on an itemised basis with the complete costs being presented in a quotation breakdown prior to commencing the legal work. The quoted price is inclusive of the associated government fees to offer a complete and comprehensive breakdown and cost analysis. The government fees which are associated with the formation will include: costs for the registration of the company capitalisation, certification of documents, registration of memorandum, application for social fund, corporate licensing, work permit and Thai visa.

What is the best company structure for my business?

For most businesses, a limited company is usually the best option and most straightforward option. It is easy to set up and provides a lot of flexibility and protection for your investment. There is also a possibility to achieve a 100% foreign ownership, whether by acquiring a foreign business license or taking advantage of BOI promotion or US Treaty of Amity. Existing businesses wishing to expand their operation to Thailand, on the other hand, may also opt for some of the foreign structures, such as representative or branch office.

Do I need to lease an office for the company registration?

One of the prerequisites for registering a company in Thailand is a local registered corporate address in a commercial building. Bigger and established businesses will probably want to lease their own office space, but smaller operations have two options – a basic virtual office (good enough for company and tax registration) or a more robust registered address solution that also satisfies requirements for VAT and social fund registration as well as foreign work permits. Both options come without the headache of managing your own office space.

How can I check the availability of a company name and what are the procedures?

Company name search and reservation is done on the website of Department of Business and Development. Your company name will be also registered in Thai language, even if the name of your company is in English. Your Thai company name can be different from the name of your business. You can also use the same name for several companies proved that you accompany that name with a different figurative word. Once approved, the corporate name is only valid for thirty days and no extension is permitted.

How long does it take to register a company in Thailand?

The registration duration depends on a number of factors, such as your selected entity, shareholder and ownership structure (foreign vs Thai), business activities and more. In most scenarios, it can take as few as 7 days, but more difficult cases may take up to 6 months. These usually involve foreign ownership and/or the foreign business license.

What are the capital requirements to set up a business in Thailand?

A majority-Thai limited company does not have any capital requirements as long as it does not employ foreign staff or directors. If that is the case, the capital requirements are 2M THB per foreigner or 1 MB if the foreigner is married to a Thai national. Foreign-owned structures have higher capital requirements and usually start at 3M THB and then 2M THB per an additional foreigner.

Can I open a corporate bank account and are there any restrictions?

A company registered in Thailand is eligible to apply for a corporate savings, checking and/or foreign currency account with online banking. The only limitation is that most business accounts do not include a debit card and a credit card can be applied for after 3 years in business.

What are the ongoing obligations for the company once it is registered?

There are two main types of obligations for companies in Thailand – corporate and accounting. Any corporate changes in your company, such as change in name, capital, shareholders, address and more need to be registered with the relevant authorities. These are not regular and such compliance only arises at the time of change. On the contrary, Thai-registered companies face monthly and yearly accounting obligations – from filing tax VAT and WHT documents to bookkeeping and annual audit.