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Thailand accounting
& tax packages.

We offer flexible accounting packages adapted to specific requirements of our clients. The costs are dependent on the size and natures of client’s company, the volume of monthly turnover and number of transactions to be recorded per month.

accounting packages | acclime thailand

Standard monthly accounting packages.


Ideal for entrepreneurs and lean startups that are just getting started.

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    Tax management & filings
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  • dot muted
    Cash management
  • dot muted
    Issuance of documents
From 4,000 THB per month*
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Ideal for most new and established businesses with small teams.

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    Tax management & filings
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  • dot muted blue
    Cash management
  • dot muted blue
    Issuance of documents
From 9,750 THB per month*
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All inclusive.

Ideal for larger businesses that want to outsource their entire accounting.

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    Tax management & filings
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  • dot
    Cash management
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    Issuance of documents
From 19,500 THB per month*
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*The final price will depend on the number of monthly transactions and employees

All accounting packages include

Extensive customer support and advisory
Free introductory accounting training
dedicated staff
Assigned accountant and account manager
Monthly review and reporting for bookkeeping
Timely reminders for important deadlines
All your information is securely stored

Looking for something custom?

You can create your custom accounting packages by combining any of our monthly and annual services below.

Monthly accounting services.

Tax management & filings

Monthly corporate withholding tax returns (PND 1, PND 3, PND 53, PND 54):

  • Filing employment income, dividends, interests, royalties, and technical service fees
  • Preparation of Corporate Withholding tax returns form
  • Handling payment with revenue department within the 7th of following month

Monthly value added tax returns (VAT) (Por Por 30):

  • The calculation of the VAT debits and credits that will have to be done on a monthly basis
  • Preparation of Value added tax (VAT) returns form
  • Handling payment with revenue department within the 15th of following month
  • Maintenance of monthly VAT input and output records

Social fund registration and return (Sor Por Sor 1-10):

  • Social contributions on the employees’ salaries have to be paid each month
  • Company Annual Fund contributions need be submitted at the end of each year
  • Handling payment to the Social Fund Office by the 25th of following month


Production of monthly financial statements:

  • Profit and Loss Statement listing revenue and detailing expenses
  • Balance Sheet showing assets and liabilities
  • Trial balance
  • General ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
We use the following accounting software:


  • Payroll calculation of withholding income tax, social fund contributions, deductions and allowances, and other benefits
  • Creation of monthly carbon pay slips
  • Payroll report to submit to the bank

Cash management

  • Settle and receive payments from client’s suppliers or customers
  • The payment is released upon your approval
  • Cash report is presented
  • Easier, faster and safe

Issuance of documents

Issuance of accounting and financial documents related to the company:

  • Invoice/tax invoice
  • Withholding tax certificate
  • Payment voucher
accounting packages | acclime thailand
Not happy with your current provider?

Move your accounting to Acclime.

We make the process of switching extremely easy and painless. Our liaison team will, with your consent, deal directly with your previous service provider to make your transition to Acclime virtually painless. You only need to take the first step – contact us – and we will take care of the rest.

Annual auditing & reporting services.

Annual corporate tax return (Annual audit, PND 50)

This return must be filed within 150 days from the closing of accounting period (balance sheet date). Preparation and filing of Summary Financial Report form (SBC 3), Summary of annual salary (PND 1 Kor), workmen’s compensation, and Corporate income tax returns (PND 50) to Revenue Department, Social Fund Office, and Department of Business Development.

Personal income tax return (PND 90, 91, 94)

Taxpayer is liable to file personal income tax return and make a payment to the Revenue Department within the last day of March following the taxable year. Any withholding tax which has been paid to the Revenue Department can be used as a credit against the tax liability at the end of the year.

Half-year corporate earnings assessment (PND 51)

The half-year report must be filed within sixty days from the end of half year period. The taxable income is computed on one-half of the estimate profit for the full year. However, this return is not required for the first accounting period of the company providing.

Annual withholding tax returns for wages to employees (PND 1 Kor)

This form sets out the summary details of employment, namely wage payments and tax withholding of the whole year and it must be reported to Revenue Department within February of the following year.

Cash management (Escrow account)

Form “Kor Tor 26 Kor” is the form that the Social Security Office estimates the amount of Workmen’s Compensation Fund contribution for the next year for your company to pay. It is estimated from previous year salaries that the official has seen from the Social Security form filed monthly throughout the whole year. In this form, it says the amount you have to pay for the fund of the present year. The payment must be made to the Social Security Office within January.

Form “Kor Tor 20 Kor” which appears on the same paper under Form Kor Tor 26, is for the company to fill out the total figure of previous year payroll. This form is to be compared and corrected with the amount you paid in Form “Kor Tor 26 Kor” of the previous year and make you pay the difference within the end of February (in case you paid too little in previous year) or give you the refund (if you paid too much in previous year).

Why outsource your accounting to Acclime?

flexible solutions

Flexible terms

No lock-in contracts and services you don’t need. You can create your custom plan and leave at any time (just give us a 30-day notice).
customer support

English-speaking team & support

Trouble understanding other providers? You can count on easy communication with our staff in English.
dedicated staff

Competent specialists

We have an in-house accounting team made of qualified specialists in all things accounting in Thailand.
safe setup

Official partner of True Digital Park

As TDPK official partners, we are trusted to provide quality services to both our clients and the entire startup ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions.

My vendor is not VAT-registered and cannot issue a tax invoice. How do I claim these expenses or costs in my books?
A non-VAT registered vendor is not allowed to issue a tax invoice, but they can issue an invoice for the goods/services purchased without the VAT component. Once the payment has been made, they can issue a Cash Receipt/Receipt under your complete company name, registered address and tax ID number. This receipt serves as a supporting document when recording your company expenses or costs.
My accountant forgot to claim my company’s purchase input VAT and it has already been eight months from the date of purchase, what happens to the purchase input VAT?
The purchase input VAT that wasn’t claimed under the company purchase input VAT when declaring the VAT return could still be claimed as a VAT refund from the Revenue Office.
Do I have to submit an audit even when my company hasn’t incurred any income?
Even the company hasn’t traded, has no operations or is in a dormant/silent status, it is still required to submit its income tax return and audited financial statements within 150 days from the closing of its books of accounts. Failure to do so will incur penalty and surcharge with the Thai government.
Why do I have to submit the PP30 VAT form? I have no transactions at all, there is nothing to declare.
Even the company hasn’t traded, has no operations or is in a dormant/silent status, a VAT-registered company is still required to submit the PP30 VAT form. The submission would be in the form of a VAT form with a zero value. Failure to submit will incur a fine of 500 THB.
Why is there a record of my salary/compensation in my books even though I didn’t receive any salary at all?
Holding a work permit in Thailand means you are legally working, earning income/compensation and are subject to personal income tax in Thailand. This income or compensation is an expense of the Thai company such it is required to be recorded in the books of accounts.
If my company provides service to a company overseas, can I claim 0% VAT?
According to the Law code 80/1, the VAT 0% can be applied if the provided service is consumed outside of Thailand. If the final consumption of the service happens in Thailand, 7% VAT will be applied.
Why doesn’t the VAT show on the PP30 report even though I have submitted all the expense documents?
In order to claim company expense as well as input VAT, all the relevant information on the tax invoice/receipt has to be correct. As there are some expenses documents, such as telephone bill, that have been issued under the employee’s name, these expenses and input VAT derived from them cannot be used until they have been revised.
How do you calculate the VAT payable?
Input and output VAT of the month will be offset against each other. And if you have VAT credit with the Revenue Department from the previous month, it will then be offset once again.
My employee is on a business trip and will keep the records of expenses, such as the flight ticket, hotel and taxi fare. Can these be claimed as company expenses?
Generally, all the receipts that will be claimed as a company expense have to be issued under the company name with the business’ complete information. However, if vendors from overseas are unable to issue a receipt under the company’s name, you can prepare minutes of the meeting and travel log providing relevant information regarding the business trip.
If we purchase a car for our company, can we claim the costs of running this car (gas, maintenance, tolls) as a company expense?
Petrol expenses can be claimed but the receipt must state the car license plate. Other relevant expenses can also be claimed.
What are unclaimed expenses?
Any expense bill or receipt that can not be recorded under the company’s expenses because of incomplete or erroneous information on the bill become an unofficial receipt. Likewise, any expenses that aren’t related to the company’s objective will be recorded as unclaimed expenses and will be reflected in the calculation of the CIT.
Why isn’t my new employee’s name showing in the SSF system?
After we have registered your new employee to the SSF, it will take three months for them to be added in the SSF system and be able to use medical service.
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