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Title deed search in Thailand.

Before purchasing property in Thailand it is very important to perform a Title Deed Search. This search will serve to identify if the property has any outstanding liens, if the seller has ownership/lease rights, and the type of documentation which has been issued.
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Due dilligence on Thai property.

Additionally, when purchasing a condominium, a title deed search can reveal the status of the 49:51% foreign ownership ratio.Our legal staff will assist in gathering and reviewing the ownership documents and land deeds. We then travel to the appropriate land department and verify the details directly.

Land titles in Thailand.

Nor Sor Si Jor (Chanote Title or Title Deed Certificate)A true title deed accurately surveyed and marked by Land Office posts. The land can be sold or transferred unless the previous owner stipulates restrictions in selling or transferring that the new owner is not able to sell or transfer the land for five or 10 years after the acceptance of ownership of the estate.
Nor Sor Sam (NS 3)These are land title deeds issued by the District Land Office with clear records of ownership which can be sold or leased by posting 30 days notice to the public. They are less accurately surveyed that a Chanote.
Nor Sor Sam Kor (NS 3 K)The NS3K is similar to the NS 3 Gor but is surveyed and issued in an area which has no parcel points set by using an aerial survey. This document is issued by corresponding land office. There are no restrictions for the use of the land and there is no need to advertise any legal acts, you may subdivide the land into smaller plots.
Nor Sor Song (NS 2)The NS 2 is a consent letter issued by the land department to the holder. This document entitles the holder to occupy and use the land for a temporary period of time. The holder has to commence occupation and using the NS 2 land within six months and has to complete the utilisation of the land within three years from the receipt of NS 2. This land may not be sold or transferred except by inheritance. Depending on the land’s location, this document may be upgraded to NS 3, NS 3 K or NS 4 J (Chanote), however, after the upgrade the prohibition for sale or transfer is still effective and in full force.
Sor Kor Nung (SK 1)The SK 1 land document is a notification form of possession of land and has few rights associated with it. It entitles the holder to occupy and use the land (generally for farming). The person who actually occupies the land may have a better right than the person who has only a notification form. This land may be sold and transferred by inheritance. The transfer process is no more than handing over the notification form and use of the land from one person to another. It is not possible to register rights (sale, lease, usufruct, mortgage, etc.) over this type of land. Depending on the land’s location, this document may be upgraded to a title deed NS 3, NS 3 K or NS 4 J (Chanote).
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