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Superficies agreement in Thailand.

superficies agreement

Civil and commercial
code in Thailand.

Section 1410

The owner of a piece of land may create a right of superficies in favour of another person by giving him the right to own, upon or under the land, buildings, structures or plantations.

Section 1411

Unless otherwise provided in the act creating it, the right of superficies is transferable and transmissible by way of inheritance.

Section 1412

A right of superficies may be created either for a period of time or for life of the owner of the land or the superficiary.

If it is created for a period of time, the provisions of Section 1403 paragraph 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 1413

If no period of time has been fixed, the right of superficies may be terminated at any time by any partner giving reasonable notice to the other. But when rent is to be paid, either one year’s previous notice must be given or rent for one year paid.

Section 1414

If the superficiary fails to comply with essential conditions specified in the act creating superficies or, when rent is to be paid, he fails to pay it for two consecutive years, his right of superficies may be terminated.

Section 1415

The right of superficies is not extinguished by the destruction of the buildings, structures or plantations even if caused by force majeure.

Section 1416

When the right of superficies is extinguished, the superficiary may take away his buildings, structures or plantations, provided he restores the land to its former condition.

If instead of permitting the removal of the buildings, structures or plantations, the owner of the land notifies his intention to buy the at a market value, the superficiary may not refuse the offer except on the reasonable ground.

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