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Getting married in Thailand.

Thailand is a wonderful place to get married. It is after all, a beautiful country of countless romantic locations. Whatever you want from your wedding, Thailand has it all. For many though, marrying in Thailand is a practical decision, particularly among resident expats, for whom Thailand provides an alternative to the complicated and expensive procedures required to marry a foreign national in their home country. The good news is that getting married in Thailand has never been easier.

“What do I need to do to get legally married in Thailand?”

The process of getting married in Thailand is surprisingly straightforward. First, a foreigner must receive a confirmation that they are free to marry from their national embassy. This is a legal document confirming that there is no legal reason why the applicant cannot get legally married. In order to be recognised under Thai law, this document must be translated into Thai. Once all these documents are in place, an administrative marriage can take at a local district office, known in Thai as an ‘amphur’ or ‘khet’.

“Both my fiancé and I are non-Thai nationals. Can we still get married in Thailand?”

People of any nationality can get legally married in Thailand, provided all the necessary requirements have been met. As long as the marriage is conducted in accordance with Thai law, the marriage will hold legal standing anywhere in the world. After the administrative marriage has taken place, you will need to register your marriage at the representative embassy of the country in which you are a citizen.

“How long will it take for me to get legally married in Thailand?”

Some embassies require a period of approximately 21 days to publish marriage banns, for others, this procedure is much quicker. With our expertise behind you (in many cases the throughout the whole procedure), we can usually complete the necessary document translation and legalisation in as little as three or four days. Naturally, this time varies from case to case and depends on the applicants’ nationality and local district offices.

“Do I need professional legal assistance to get married in Thailand?”

The services of a lawyer familiar with the Thai marriage procedure can make all the difference when getting married in Thailand. Their extensive experience means that they will be able to smooth out potential problems you are unlikely to foresee. A law office can also help ensure that all relevant documents are fully recognised by your embassy, as well as organise the translations of all the required documents. Let our expert legal team take care of the paperwork, so that you can get on with planning your wedding celebration. If you are planning to marry a Thai national, we may also help ensure a successful marriage visa application after you are married, allowing your spouse to join you in your home country.

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