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Last will & testament in Thailand.

At Acclime, our expert legal team can help you put together a Thai will that ensures your loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer around.

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Drafting a Thai will.

Thinking pragmatically about one’s death is always difficult. It can, however, make all the difference to those you leave behind, in what is already a stressful time. There is nothing worse than family disputes caused by the lack of a comprehensive, practically applicable and most importantly of all, clearly laid out Thai last will and testament. Even for those who are young and in good health, it is always a good idea to plan what would happen to your estate in the event of your death.

Important distinction.

To give your family maximum protection, it is essential that a last will & testament are prepared both in Thailand and in your home country. One of the most common problems encountered by the families of a deceased person is that, in the preparation of the will, key financial assets are overlooked. When considering your Thai will, always bear in mind that property in Thailand will hold value as soon as you sign the contract and make the initial payment, even if you have never lived in the property. It is important to recognise that for those with property in Thailand, these often confusing aspects can have serious legal implications for those left behind after your death. To ensure your family is fully covered by your Thai will, contact Acclime for expert advice and support.

How Acclime can help.

Our legal team can provide you with everything you need to ensure you get what you want from your Thai Will, which will document all the assets you hold in Thailand, such as property, bank accounts, vehicles any other and personal items. If you hold this in addition to a will drafted in your home country you will then be able to offer maximum security for your family. When a foreign national dies in Thailand, a government officer typically tracks down their will by contacting their family or lawyer. If you only have a will drafted in your home country, this could prove difficult and stressful for your family, as all related documents would need to be translated, notarised and approved by a government body. With your separate Thai will in place, a simply phone call to one of our expert lawyers will be enough. We will direct all relevant parties to your separate, clear and comprehensive Thai will, minimising the burden on your family and ensuring your assets only benefit those who matter to you.

What happens if there is no will in place?

If you or your family member happen to die in Thailand without a will, Thai law (CCC Article 1629) requires that financial assets must be distributed in a prescribed order of priority:

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    Descendants (children, adopted children or grandchildren)
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    Brothers and sisters
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    Half brothers and sisters
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    Uncles and aunts

If the deceased person is married, Thai law also requires that half the estate (known in Thai as Sin Somros) must pass to their spouse before any of his or her assets can be distributed to family members.

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Protect your loved ones with a legally binding will in Thailand.

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