Divorce in Thailand.

Acclime has an experienced team of family lawyers with extensive experience with divorce in Thailand. Our Thai lawyers are experts in the legal requirements and the technical process of divorce.

Divorce in Thailand

Registering a divorce.

We can assist with all aspects including advice in the following areas:

  • Are you considering separating from your spouse?
  • Do you need an overview of an aspect of Thailand divorce law?
  • Has your spouse abandoned you?
  • Do you require assistance with child custody matters and child support?
  • Do you need to research something so you can help someone else?
  • Do you require private investigation services?

Uncontested divorce is the way most divorces take place in Thailand. It’s simple and inexpensive, and it offers you and your spouse the chance to end your Thai marriage quietly and with dignity. Interactive can assist with the negotiation process, separation agreement, required paperwork and execution of the Thai divorce.

Advantages of uncontested divorce in Thailand:

  • Limited legal costs
  • Can be executed quickly (sometime same day)
  • Minimised level of conflict
  • Increased level of discretion
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