Copyright in Thailand.

The overarching body protecting intellectual properties in Thailand is The Copyright Act. It is designed to protect works in a number of categories, namely literary work, software, artistic and musical work, audio-visual material or any other similar type of work in the fields of literature, science or fine arts.

The conditions distinguish between published and unpublished word and their protection varies.

Unpublished work

The author or the work must be either a Thai national, reside in Thailand or be a national of or reside in a member country of the Convention on the Protection of Copyright. Furthermore, it is expected that residence in Thailand or any other eligible country is primarily designated to the creation of the work.

Published work

Published work will be under copyright protection provided the first publication of the author was made either in Thailand or any other participating country (of the Convention on the Protection of Copyright). If the first publication was created in a country outside of the eligible zone, the work in question must be published in Thailand or in another member country of the Convention no later than 30 days from the first publication.

Validity of copyright

Authors of either published or unpublished works are covered under the copyright protection for their lifetime, plus additional 50 years thereafter. If the creator is a juristic person, the protection lasts only 50 years from the date of creation (or 25 years in the case of art).

However, not everything can be copyright protected. Creations, such as news, facts, laws, announcements, court judgments, official reports nor any of their translations are not deemed eligible for protection under the Act.

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