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Wrongful dismissal in Thailand

The Labor Protection Act of 1998 is applicable to all employees and employers, except for the government administration and state enterprises. The Labor Protection Act regulates the minimum rights of both the employee and employer by defining the working hours, welfare funding, holidays, days of sick...

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Work hours and holidays in Thailand

Employees working in Thailand are provided with basic legal protection and benefits. For example, they are entitled to no fewer than 13 national holidays per year and after working in their employments for one consecutive year, they may take six days of annual leave.

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The Skill Development Promotion Act

Companies employing more than one hundred employees are required by law to consider the Skill Development Promotion Act. This act has set out to improve the skill standard of labour force in Thailand and further promote and support its professional skill training (further backed up and co-financed...

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Thailand sick and maternity leave

The employee is entitled to sick leave on those days that he is actually ill and shall receive the basic pay during the sick leave but not more than 30 working days per a calendar year. If sick leave is taken for three work days or longer, the employee must acquire a medical certificate from a first...

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Termination of employment

Employers operating their businesses in Thailand can, under Thai Labour Law, terminate the employment of their employees by dismissing them. Conversely, termination initiated by employees is referred to as resignation. Regardless of who initiates termination, it is important to know when to notify...

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Social security – Explained

he Social Security Act requires employers and employees to make contributions to the Social Security Fund on a monthly basis. The Social Security Fund is administered by the Social Security Office, a division of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

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Restricted jobs for foreigners

Thailand is in many ways welcoming to foreign labour force working in the Kingdom, however its government imposes certain rules and restrictions foreigners have to follow. One particular area of restrictions concerns employment opportunities.

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Employment of disabled persons

A relatively high number of disabled persons in Thailand and their exclusion from normal daily life/employment led Ministry of Labour to establish the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Act (1991). This act actively supported the disabled by imposing duties on employers in relation to the employment...

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