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Thailand pre-work permit – WP3

In principle, any foreigner can apply for a business visa at the Thai Embassy abroad. You only need a company registered for VAT to support your application. Upon receipt, that person can enter Thailand, stay here for three months (single entry) and in that time apply for their work permit. With the...

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Changing a job in Thailand

At one point or another, an employee working in Thailand will likely face the situation of having to switch jobs. Outside of Thailand, this is usually quite straightforward as the work visa usually grants its holder the right to stay and work in the country for a certain period of time. However, this...

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90-day reporting online

One of the duties of the one year Thai visa (or marriage/retirement visa) holders is reporting at the Immigration Bureau every 90 days (hence the name 90-day reporting). Earlier this year (2015), reporting had to be done in person at a designated place, however, this is no longer necessary. Starting...

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90-day non-immigrant B visa

The most common visa for foreigners entering Thailand for work or business purposes is the 90-day non-immigrant visa. The visa must be used within 90 days from the date of issue and, as the name suggests, it grants its holder a period of 90-day stay inside Thailand. Once the validity is over, it can...

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Extension of business visa

Foreigners working in Thailand usually first experience the need to extend their non-immigrant B visa (business visa) right before their short-term 90-day visa used to enter the country expires. Business visa can be generally extended to a one year visa, however, there are a couple of distinctions...

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