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Prenuptial agreement – explained

A prenuptial agreement is a contract made between people before they are married. It lists the financial assets and property of both parties and states their entitlement to it once they are married. Thailand’s legal system is much more open to prenuptial agreements than many other countries but there...

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Marriage registration in Thailand

Marriage registration in Thailand. Getting married in Thailand is similar to wedding procedures in other countries in terms of options and variety. Groom and bride-to-be can choose their wedding to be with or without betrothal ceremony and also at court or at a destination of own choice. Couples...

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Marital property and assets

Knowing one’s rights in marriage is important, especially when it comes to property. The property between husband and wife is largely governed by the Civil and Commercial Code and can be further modified by writing up a prenuptial agreement.

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Making a will in Thailand

Should a foreign national expectedly or unexpectedly decease in Thailand, their Last Will (a document outlining the final wishes regarding their possessions after their death) crafted only in their home country may cause the remaining family members a number of complications down the road, such as...

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Child support

The Thai family law prescribes that both parents must financially support their children (biological or adopted) until the age of 20. While this is rarely an issue in families that are whole, the situation can be more problematic with divorcing couples (or parents that no longer live together).

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Child adoption in Thailand

In essence, child adoption is the act of placing an adopted child into a family where neither parent is the biological parent of the child. By adopting a child, the adoptive parents acquire parental rights and responsibilities of the natural parents.

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