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Thailand representative office

Depending on the reason of why you come to Thailand, a representative office might be a solution for you. A representative office is a non-trading entity, meaning that it cannot generate any income. It is in fact a sort of non-profit organisation that is financially supported by the head office in...

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How to register a Thai company

The private limited company is the form of business entity that is most commonly used by foreign investors in Thailand. In this blog post we provide a brief step-by-step overview of the various stages in the business registration process. If you are interested in setting up your own business, visit...

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Shareholders’ rights in Thailand

Shareholders in a Thai private company that hold a greater percentage of a company’s shares usually have greater rights than shareholders who hold a lesser percentage. Such rights are normally exercised by way of voting at a meeting of shareholders.

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Memorandum of Association

As explained in the step by step company registration guide, the second step of the formation process is filing the Memorandum of Association. A memorandum is a special agreement made by the founders/promoters of the company. It is an adjacent document to the Articles of Association and is regarded...

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Leasing a business in Thailand

A problem that is often encountered when establishing a Thai company – but which is easily avoided – involves the leasing of commercial premises and the subsequent registration of an office address.

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Foreign business structures

Foreigners can incorporate a Thai company, whatever the legal form of the company is, as long as they do not violate the conditions of the Foreign Business Act. The legal form of the company can be a sole proprietorship, an ordinary partnership (registered or not), a limited partnership, a representative...

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FDA license – hazardous substances

The type of hazardous substance is considered by the product’s ingredient. We have to check each ingredient of the product in the FDA database system for considering its type. In case there are several ingredients, and type for each ingredient is different, the product will be defined as a type of...

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Establishing a Thai association

For those interested in conducting business or other activities in Thailand, the country offers a variety of juristic persons to choose from – from a limited company through representative office to a foundation. While the former are forms of entities profit-seeking businesses are usually interested...

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Directors’ rights and duties

Every limited company shall be managed by a director or directors under the control of the general meeting of shareholders and according to the regulations of the company (section 1144 of the Commercial and Civil Code (CCC)).

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