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Thai nationals wishing to enter the United States of America for temporary purposes, such as tourism (B-2 category), business/medical (B-1 Category) must first obtain a visa at the US embassy in Bangkok/Chiang Mai. The mentioned categories fall under the category of the non-immigrant visa. This category of visa is only for temporary visit to the US and can be issued by the embassy for a period of three months (single entry) or 10 years (multiple entries), depending on the purpose of travel. Employment is strictly prohibited under this visa category. The applicant applying for this category of visa must provide strong sufficient evidence and information to the authorities that their purpose of travel to the States is only temporary and the return to their home country is eminent. The applicant must show strong ties to their home country which will prove their reason for their return back. The US embassy reviews each applicant on an individual basis but there are some positive factors which can influence the result of the visa decision such as:

  • Previous and current employment status
  • Frequent Travel history
  • Strong finances to support their trip

3 days

Processing time at at the U.S. embassy in Bangkok

Visa assistance.

  • Professional review and examination of your case and expert advice on proceeding
  • Complete filing and review of the online non-immigrant visa application
  • Providing accurate checklist of required documents to be submitted for the visa category
  • Scheduling of your visa interview at the US embassy
  • Review and preparation of all required documents and interview questions/guide prior to interview
  • Specialist supervision and consultation of every step of the application process and after
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