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Thai Citizens can apply for the General Visitor visa to visit United Kingdom and to meet their friends, family members, relatives, historical places and for various tourism purposes. Under this visa category anyone can apply and visit UK on holidays or other circumstances if they meet conditions and can be allowed to stay up to six months in the United Kingdom.

7-10 days

Processing time

Required documents.

  • Latest passport or valid travel identification
  • Passport size photographs (2)
  • You have to provide six month’s pay slips or bank statements which must support your financial needs
  • Information on where you intend to stay in the UK along with your travel plans
  • Supporting documents will be examined on a case by case scenario

Our experienced immigration team can provide an assessment during our consultation on the circumstances of your case and then accordingly determine whether you meet the basic eligibility requirements to apply for the visitor visa to the UK or not.

Our immigration consultants will be processing your case with high expertise and knowledge whereby you may raise any queries at any given time during the visa process. During consultations, we will discuss all UK visa options available to suit your particular circumstances, with the advantages of each option clearly highlighted to ensure that the most suitable visa application is pursued. Our experience and efficiency in gathering the correct immigration paperwork will ensure the application is swiftly submitted to the visa processing centre with utmost professionalism.

Visa assistance.

  • Professional review and examination of your case and expert advice on proceeding
  • Complete filing and review of the Visitor visa application
  • Scheduling of your visa appointment and guidance by our immigration staff
  • Review and preparation of all required documents and interview questions/guide prior to submission
  • Contact with the UK Border Agency and pre-interview preparation
  • Specialist supervision and consultation of every step of the application process and after
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