Extension of business visa.

Foreigners working in Thailand usually first experience the need to extend their non-immigrant B visa (business visa) right before their short-term 90-day visa used to enter the country expires. Business visa can be generally extended to a one year visa, however, there are a couple of distinctions one needs to bear in mind when doing so.

Conditions and benefits of extension

Firstly, the extension is based on employment and as such there are certain regulations regarding the company that provides the employment.

The regulations are as follows:

  • Applicant must have a valid Thai work permit
  • Applicant must earn a minimum salary per nationality (see here)
  • The company must have a ratio of four Thai employees per permit (4:1)
  • The company must have 1M THB in net equity and registered capital of a minimum 2M THB
  • The company must show revenue from the previous year to cover the salary of all the foreign employees; must submit year and profit and loss account inspected and certified by a certified accountant. The total revenue must show an amount higher than the total salary and benefits paid to the employee.

If all conditions are met, the process it of extending business visa can commence and will take up to 30 days. However, it is important to note that the above conditions are only applicable to non-BOI (standard) companies. Acquiring work permit and extending visa is significantly easier and faster for companies with the status of BOI.

The main benefit of “extension of stay” type of visa is undoubtedly that the employee is not required to leave the country during their stay and they only have to report themselves at the Thai Immigration every 90 days.

For a full list of documents entailed in obtaining an extension, refer to this page.

Plan B - one-year business visa

Unsuccessful candidates failing to acquire a business visa extensions are not just doomed yet and are left with another option – they can prolong their stay in Thailand based on business by applying for one-year non-immigrant B visa. The benefits of this type of business visa are similar to the extension of stay with one major difference – the holder of this visa is required to leave the country every 90 days. See a full list of benefits here.

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