90-day reporting online.

One of the duties of the one year Thai visa (or marriage/retirement visa) holders is reporting at the Immigration Bureau every 90 days (hence the name 90-day reporting). Earlier this year (2015), reporting had to be done in person at a designated place, however, this is no longer necessary. Starting from April 2015, foreigners can save their trip to the Immigration and do the compulsory reporting online.

The old way of reporting

In essence, the purpose of reporting is for the government to keep track of foreigners’ whereabouts in the country. Those required to report themselves could generally do so one week before and one week after the due date. All they needed to bring to the Immigration was a completed form and their passport. Moreover, reporting could be done either in person, via an entrusted person or even by mail.

Online reporting

Having to report themselves by any of the three methods can be somewhat tedious or inconvenient and that is where the online reporting steps in. Foreigners residing in Thailand now have the option to report their address online by filling a form on this website

The online form can be used by anyone around the country and allows foreigners to submit their applications 14 to 7 days before the due date. Note that if you have less than seven days before the due date or you are overdue, you have to visit the Immigration office in person.

After submitting the form, it is necessary to check back within seven days to see if it was accepted. Upon approval, you need to print out the receipt and keep it in your passport.

Failure to report on time is punished by a fine of 2,000 THB. This amount can be further increased if you get arrested and haven’t filed your report.

Overall, reporting address online is just a more convenient way of fulfilling one’s duty in Thailand. Even though it doesn’t fully replace the traditional in-person reporting, it is a nice complement and certainly a welcome change for foreigners.

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