Thailand one-year business visa extension.

One-year extension of non-immigrant B visa is similar to one-year multiple entry non-immigrant B visa with two big differences – it is based on employment (the applicant needs to have a valid work permit) and it eliminates the requirement to leave the country every 90 days.

One-year extension
of non-immigrant B visa.

Moreover, it can contribute to an application for permanent residency further down the road. To be eligible for this type of Thailand visa extension, applicant must meet the basic minimum criteria and satisfy the minimum salary requirements for their nationality.

Basic requirements.

  • Minimum salary per nationality (see the table below)
  • Four (4) Thai employees per permit (4:1)
  • Must have 1M THB in net equity and registered capital of a minimum 2M THB
  • Must show revenue in the previous year to cover the salary of all foreign employees. The company must submit year and profit and loss account inspected and certified by a certified accountant. The total revenue must show an amount higher than the total salary and benefits paid to the employees.

Salary requirements by nationality

NationalitySalary in THB
Canada, Japan, United States60,000
Europe (inc. United Kingdom), Australia50,000
Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan45,000
India, Malaysia, Middle East45,000
China, Indonesia, Philippines35,000
Africa (all), Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam25,000
Persons working for newspapers in Thailand20,000

Required documents.

  • Application form
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Certificate of employment prepared in accordance with Immigration Bureau regulations
  • Copy of work permit
  • Proof of corporate formation; certificate of incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registrar in the last six months
  • List of shareholders certified by the Registrar within the last six months and the Department of Business Development
  • A copy of the latest balance sheet and income statement, corporate income tax return (PND 50) and receipt. Copy of SBC 3. Must be certified by the Revenue Department or the Department of Business Development.
  • Copy of last three monthly withholding tax returns showing the name of the employee and the alien applicant, together with receipt. Must be certified by the Revenue Department.
  • Copy of the latest personal income tax return and receipt of applicant, must be certified by the Revenue Department
  • Copy of last three monthly social security contributions filed with the Social Security Office (Form S, PS 1-10) and receipt, must be certified by the Social Security Office
  • Copy and receipt of last three monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) returns (PP 30 or PP 36), they must be certified by the Revenue Department
  • Proof of the need of the business to employ the alien, e.g. no Thai candidate has applied after advertising the position
  • Location map of place of work
  • Other supporting documents that may be required by the appropriate authority (SSM 2).
  • Map showing location of business together with photos of the exterior of the building, with the address and company sign in the photo, and photos of the interior showing the employee working
  • If the applicant is accompanied by family their marriage certificate and birth certificates of any children must be provided. If they are provided by a foreign government they must be certified by the Embassy.

Thai to foreign employee ratio.

To be eligible for a business visa extension in Thailand you must have a valid Thailand work permit and employ four Thai employees per visa extension application. However, the following corporate structures have relaxed the requirement for the 4:1 Thai national ratio and extensions can be requested with a 1:1 ratio:

  • International trade business (representative office)

  • Regional office
  • International companies (branch office)
  • BOI-promoted limited company
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