Working hours and holiday entitlement in Thailand.

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Last updated: March 11, 2021
Working hours and holiday entitlement in Thailand

This is a guide on the work hours and holidays in Thailand.

Employees working in Thailand are provided with basic legal protections and benefits in accordance with the Labour Protection Act. The Act specifies the maximum number of working hours and holidays that employees are entitled to and employers should ensure that they follow the provisions in the Act.

Let’s take a look at the working hours and types of holidays employees receive.

What are the working hours in Thailand?

The maximum working hours for employees in Thailand is eight hours a day and not more than 48 hours a week. If the work is deemed dangerous to health or personal safety, the number of work hours must not be more than seven hours a day and not exceed 42 hours a week.

Employees are entitled to a rest period of at least one hour a day after working for five consecutive hours.

If employees work for more than the number of maximum hours, the employees are entitled to overtime compensation.

Overtime compensation in Thailand

The overtime compensation rate varies from 1.5 times the normal average hourly wage rate to three times.

Overtime compensation rates
Overtime on a normal working day1.5 times the normal hourly wage rate
Normal working hours on a holidayTwo times the normal hourly wage rate
Overtime on a holidayThree times the normal hourly wage rate

Employees are allowed to work overtime only for 36 additional hours per week. If the employer does not pay overtime, the employee can take legal action demanding the overdue payment and interest at 15% a year.

Leave and holidays in Thailand

An employee who has worked for one consecutive year is entitled to six working days of annual leave. Employees are entitled to sick leave as long as the employee is actually sick, and if the employee takes a sick leave for more than three days, the employer may require a medical certificate from a licensed physician or official medical establishment.

As for female employees, their maternity leave covers a period of 98 days including holidays, which first half will be 100% paid and the second half will be 50% paid.

For employees in the public sector, they are entitled to 15 days of paternity leave. However, there is no paid paternity leave for employees in the private sector.

Public holidays in Thailand

Employees of private businesses are entitled to no fewer than 13 national holidays per year as required by the Labour Protection Act.

Visit our guide to national holidays in Thailand to see the list of dates for the current year.


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