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Obtaining a work permit WP.3 pre-approval letter.

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obtaining a work permit wp.3 pre-approval letter
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This is a brief guide to the pre-work permit (WP3) in Thailand.

A foreigner can apply for a business visa at the Thai embassy in their home country which will be used to obtain the work permit. However, there is an additional step that is required for certain cases.

Let’s find out what it is.

What is the WP3 pre-work permit?

The WP3 form is required to obtain the 90-day business visa when applying for a work permit in Thailand. Specific nationalities or those who will work in Thailand for the first time will need to get the pre-work permit before being able to apply for the 90-day business visa at the Thai embassy abroad.

The form is issued to foreigners who have not yet arrived in Thailand.

To obtain the WP3, the employer is responsible for submitting the required documents to the labour department on behalf of the foreigner.

Once the foreigner has received the WP3, they can apply for the 90-day business visa which will then allow them to enter Thailand and pick up their work permit. The foreigner can then apply for the one-year business visa extension.

Required documents for WP3 application

The documents needed for applying for the pre-work permit are:

  • Completed WP3 application form
  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • Copy of the applicant’s education certificate or determination form
  • Copy of occupation or profession license
  • Power of attorney made by the employer
  • Copy of the employer’s identification card

Required documents from the company include:

  • Copy of Thai company registration and a copy of the recent shareholder’s list or copy of the Business Operation of foreigners and documents about money import for foreign juristic person
  • Copy of VAT registration
  • Copy of employer’s work permit if the employer is a foreigner
  • Copy of company license (i.e., factory license, restaurant license, hotel license, tourism license)
  • Copy of social security payment, balance sheet and VAT payment


Obtaining a valid work permit is necessary for all foreigners who intend to work in Thailand and you should ensure you follow the requirements and steps. Acclime has a team of professional lawyers who can help you apply for the pre-work permit in Thailand.

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