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Registered business address in Thailand.

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registered business address in thailand

This ultimate guide provides a brief overview of the registered business address in Thailand.

Registered offices are an essential requirement when you register a company in Thailand, and there are certain conditions you must consider and verify when leasing a business premise.

Let’s have a look at the key considerations and how the office address is changed.

What is a registered business address?

A registered business address is an official address of the company used to receive documents and notices from government authorities.

Changing the registered business address

If you want to change your company’s registered business address to another province, it will need to be advertised in the local newspaper and other media. Relocating to another province will require an amendment in the company’s memorandum of association (MOA), which will take approximately 20 days.

The MOA can be amended through an Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting, which the director will have to send a letter to the shareholders within 14 days before the date of the meeting. Once the meeting is held and the shareholders approve the relocation, the relocation must then be registered with the Department of Business Development, Revenue Department and Social Security Office.

The process of relocating within the same province is simpler and faster. There is no requirement to advertise the relocation in a local newspaper. The change of address must be notified to the Department of Business Development, Revenue Department and Social Security Office, and the address must be modified on any business licenses.

The company’s address must also be changed on the work permits of foreign employees, and the bank that the company has opened a corporate bank account must also be notified.

Documents needed for relocation

The basic documents required for changing the company address are:

  • Copies of the director’s identification card
  • Passport copies of the foreign partners
  • Copies of the company’s VAT certificate
  • Copies of the company’s tax ID

The documents that need to be submitted by the office building are:

  • Copy of the office building’s Tabien Baan
  • Copy of the letter of consent that is issued by the office building to the company
  • Proof of office building ownership (e., construction permit, house sale agreement and house number application)
  • Copies of the office building’s location
  • Photographs of the office and the company’s signboard

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Key considerations when leasing an office address in Thailand

When foreign investors rent an office before registering the company, they usually sign the lease agreement as an individual. What they often fail to do is confirm that the owner will agree to assign the lease to their company later on and allow the business to use the property as its registered business address.

It is necessary that companies have the written authority of the owner of the leased property to register for VAT. If the business owner cannot obtain the property owner’s permission to register their company at the address, they may also find themselves unable to apply for a work permit, extension of stay or VAT registration.

Business owners must also confirm that the lessor is the legal owner of the premise. If the business owner is to sign a sub-lease, it is essential to verify that the lessee is authorised to enter into a sub-lease without the consent of the legal owner.


It is a requirement by Thai law that companies must have a registered business address in Thailand to receive official documents and notices. Acclime offers a number of corporate address and virtual office solutions, and we can provide office address services to successfully register your office.

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