Establishing an association in Thailand.

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Last updated: April 27, 2021
establishing an association in thailand

This is a comprehensive guide on establishing an association in Thailand.

In addition to a foundation, those interested in establishing non-profit organisations (NPOs) or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Thailand may choose to register an association.

Let’s see the process of registering a Thai association.

What is an association in Thailand?

According to section 78 of the Civil and Commercial Code, an association is a juristic person created for conducting any activity which, according to its nature, is to be done continuously and collectively by persons other than that of sharing profits or incomes earned, must have its regulations and must be registered according to this Code.

What activities can associations engage in?

Associations may engage in activities that are beneficial for the public. Some activities of an association include hobby clubs, sport clubs and religious organisations.

A non-profit association is also one of the most common legal forms for non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

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Registration of an association in Thailand

What are the requirements needed to register an association in Thailand?

Documents and requirements that are needed when registering an association include:

  • The regulations or by-laws of the association
  • Three promoters and minutes from their meeting leading to the establishment
  • A list of names, addresses and occupations of 10 initial members
  • A list of names, addresses and occupations of at least three association directors
  • Proof of the association’s headquarters, ie map, lease agreement
  • Background histories by three promoters which are certified by a department-level government official
  • Certified copy of the identification card and house registration book of all members and directors

What are the regulations for an association?

The regulations of an association must contain the following information:

  • The name of the association (the name must include the word association)
  • The objectives
  • Address of its principal office and all its branches
  • Rules for admission of its members and conclusion of membership
  • Rates and member-fee
  • Rules for the committee of association:
    • Number of directors
    • Appointment of the directors
    • Term of office of the directors
    • Retirement of office of the directors
    • Meetings of the committee
  • Rules for the management of the association, the keeping of accounts and the property of the association and annual general meeting

Association registration process

An association is registered with the Ministry of Interior. However, an application has to be filed with the local district office, where the association’s principal office is situated.

The application must be filed in writing by at least three of the association members. The association’s regulations, list of names, addresses, and occupations of at least 10 members must be submitted together with the application.

Once the application is application and regulations are submitted and are found to be in accordance with the requirements, the application will be forwarded to the Ministry for approval. Upon approval, a registration certificate will be issued.


Investors living in Thailand who are seeking to conduct business or other activities have a variety of entities to choose. However, for NPOs or NGOs, you may consider establishing an association. Acclime has a legal team that will make your Thai association registration smooth and hassle-free.

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