Employee leave entitlement in Thailand.

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Last updated: March 11, 2021
Employee leave entitlement in Thailand

This is a list of the types of employee leave that employees are entitled to in Thailand.

The law governing labour in Thailand is the Labour Protection Act and it provides employees in Thailand with entitlement to both paid and unpaid leave. Employers need to be aware of the entitlements to avoid labour disputes arising.

Let’s take a look at the type of leave in Thailand.

Annual leave

An employee who has worked for one consecutive year is entitled to six working days of annual leave.

Sick leave

Employees are entitled to sick leave as long as the employee is sick, and if the employee takes a sick leave for more than three days, the employer may require a medical certificate from a licensed physician or official medical establishment. An employee is allowed up to 30 days sick leave in a year.

Days upon which an employee is unable to work due to work-related injuries, illness or maternity leave shall not be deemed as sick leave.

Maternity leave

In 2019, the length of maternity leave was expanded to 98 paid days instead of 90 days. The 98 days include day-offs for prenatal doctor visits. The days of maternity leave shall include holidays that occur during the leave.

The employee is paid the full amount of her salary during the first 45 days of leave by the employer. The second half of the leave is paid 50% by social security.

A pregnant female employee shall inform the company about her pregnancy. The employee shall be entitled to request the company to change her work temporary either before or after childbirth by showing the medical certificate from a first-class medical practitioner stating that she is unable to work at the previous position and the company shall consider changing the duties to be suitable for the employee.

Paternity leave

For employees in the public sector, they are entitled to 15 days of paternity leave. However, there is no paid paternity leave for employees in the private sector.

Military service leave

Male employees are entitled to leave for military service for inspection, military drilling or for readiness testing and get his basic pay at a rate equal to normal working days during the leave but not exceed 60 days.

Personal business leave

Employees are entitled to a personal business leave of three working days a year. The employer cannot deduct business leave from annual leave.

Sterilisation leave

An employee is entitled to take leave for sterilisation and shall have the right to take leave as a result of the sterilisation for such time as a medical practitioner prescribed and issued a certificate. The basic pay shall be paid during the leave period.

Training leave

An employee is entitled to take leave for training or skill development in accordance with the following cases:

  • Acquiring skills to improve labour and welfare, or to increase the employee’s effective at work
  • Testing of educational level as required by the government; however, it is not applicable where the training is at the request of the employee. All leave requests must be submitted to the supervisor at least seven days in advance, and an employee shall leave only after receiving the approval from the supervisor and an employee shall not get the basic pay for this leave.


This guide lists the type of leave that employees are entitled to in Thailand under the provisions of the Labour Protection Act, and is information that employers need to be aware of.

If you need more details on employee leaves or the labour law in Thailand, feel free to contact Acclime.

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