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Changing a job in Thailand.

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changing a job in thailand
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This article guides you through the steps of changing jobs in Thailand without leaving the country.

An employee working in Thailand will likely face the situation of having to switch jobs and this is not as easy in Thailand since both the work permit and visa are tied to a specific job and resignation at your workplace leads to losing both.

Let’s get started.

Foreigners changing jobs in Thailand

When foreigners are changing their job in Thailand, it is common that the foreign employee will have to leave the country first before obtaining a new visa and work permit. However, there is a way for employees who are changing professions in Thailand to transfer from one employment to another without having to leave the country and apply for the non-immigrant visa.

How to cancel a work permit in Thailand

Firstly, it is recommended to agree with your old employer on the date of informing the Ministry of Labour of your resignation. The departure from the company should be on the same day. At the same time, this should be when your new employer prepares and completes the new work permit application.

Once the previous step is arranged, you must take your passport to the Immigration Office where both the visa and work permit is handed in and cancelled on the date of cancelling your work permit. This step required documents from your former employer in order to be completed.

The cancellation of the visa will result in having to leave the country on the same day, therefore, it is important to apply for an extension of stay right after the previous step. The extension of stay will allow you to stay in Thailand for an additional seven days.

Obtaining a new work permit

While waiting for the new work permit, your new employer should get all the documents ready for the extension of your permit of stay from seven days to one year. The documents must be submitted to the Immigration Bureau immediately after obtaining the new work permit within seven days of the extended visa.

If this step is completed correctly, you will not have to leave Thailand to apply for a new Non-Immigrant B Visa.

Possible complications you may encounter

If the Ministry of Labour cannot produce the new work permit within seven days, it may be necessary to leave and re-enter Thailand.


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