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Legal guides.

This guide gives an overview of the rights and duties under Thai law regarding ownership of property and other assets in a legal marriage.
Although foreigners generally cannot own land in Thailand, our guide explains two exceptions to this, and what the requirements are.
Generally, foreigners are not allowed to buy land. Our guide outlines the legal options a foreigner may consider when buying land in Thailand.
In this guide, we will take you through what you need to know when buying a condominium in Thailand to eliminate surprises and problems.
Our guide looks at the difficulties regarding house ownership for foreigners in Thailand, and outlines the legal solutions to house ownership.
Small claims court is suitable for those who want to file petty offences and go through a low-hassle court way of taking legal action.
There are certain things foreigners should know before long-term leasing a condominium in Thailand. Our guide explains all.
We help the potential buyer of an accommodation unit ensure that when choosing a property they will become the owner of the property.