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Legal guides.

Tabien baan – Thai house book

Thai nationals must have one, and there may be specific cases in which a foreigner should have a Tabien Baan (Thai house book). We explain.

Foreign land ownership and Thai spouse

Foreigners living in Thailand together with their Thai spouses have likely encountered the problem of co-ownership and inheritance of land.

Loans & mortgages for foreigners in Thailand

Foreigners’ access to loans and mortgages has increasingly gotten better in Thailand. We consider how strict the conditions are.

Divorce in Thailand

This is a guide to the process of getting a divorce in Thailand, and the various ways in which it can be approached.

Marriage registration in Thailand

This guide provides an outline of marriage registration in Thailand, detailing the procedure and requirements.

Child adoption process in Thailand

How adoptive parents acquire parental rights and responsibilities in adoption cases in Thailand, and how the process works for foreigners.

Child support in Thailand

Our guides describes the legal requirements of child support in Thailand in the case that the parents are divorcing or separating.

Last will & testament in Thailand

We explain how & why foreigners residing in Thailand should protect assets and property by making a last will & testament in Thailand.

Escrow accounts in Thailand

We explain how an escrow account provides confidence to home buyers and protects both parties involved in the transaction.

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand explained

Thailand is much more open to prenuptial agreements than many other countries but there are still some requirements that need to be met.