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Hiring local & foreign employees in Thailand: Explained

This guide covers the conditions and requirements employers must know when hiring both local and foreign employees in Thailand.

Employee leave entitlement in Thailand

Employees in Thailand are entitled to both paid and unpaid leave. Employers need to be aware of the law to avoid labour disputes arising.

Working hours and holiday entitlement in Thailand

This guide provides an overview of working hours and national holidays in Thailand for employers to be aware of the basic legal entitlements.

Thailand Public Holidays 2021 (B.E. 2564)

Acclime is happy to bring you the list of recently announced public (commercial) holidays for 2021 (B.E. 2564), which number 22 in total.

Severance pay entitlement in Thailand

Severance pay depends on the employment period, and under special circumstances, an employee will also be entitled to ‘special’ severance pay.

Restricted jobs for foreigners in Thailand

Employers in Thailand must not hire foreigners to work in restricted occupations and must help ensure the foreigner has a work permit.

Social security in Thailand: Explained

Social security registration is mandatory for employees in Thailand and provides benefits which employees and employers should be aware of.

Explaining the Skill Development Promotion Act

To improve the skills and knowledge of employees, certain employers have an obligation arrange training programmes for their employees.

Termination of employment in Thailand

Whether employer or employee, use our guide to understand the rights and duties regarding termination of employment contracts in Thailand.

Employment of disabled persons

Our guide explains the obligations under Thai law on employers regarding the employment of disabled people in order to support them.

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