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Formation guides.

Five reasons for setting up a business in Thailand

We list five reasons for setting up a business in Thailand, which has a fast-growing economy and positive business environment.

Five common challenges when starting a business in Thailand

This guide lists the challenges facing foreign investors starting a business in Thailand and provides suggestions on how to overcome them.

100% foreign business ownership in Thailand

Learn the restrictions on foreign ownership of businesses in Thailand, and the ways in which it can be legally achieved.

How to register a Thai limited company

This guide takes you through the steps of how to register a private limited company in Thailand and details the requirements.

Business activities eligible for BOI promotion in Thailand

We list the business activities eligible for promotion under the Thailand Board of Investment’s (BOI) incentive schemes.

Articles of Association of companies in Thailand

The articles of association is an essential document required for all Thai companies. Our guide explains its contents for your planning.

Foreign business structures in Thailand

This guides helps foreign companies and investors in Thailand to plan by gaining an overview of foreign-owned business structures available.

Three types of business structures in Thailand

Our guide explains the characteristics and restrictions of the business structures available in Thailand to help you choose the most suitable.

Selecting & changing a company name in Thailand

Know the specific restrictions and requirements you must follow in selecting, registering and changing a company name in Thailand.

Understanding special economic zones (SEZs) in Thailand

We have put together a guide on understanding special economic zones in Thailand as investors will be entitled to a vast range of incentives.