Accounting & tax guides.

Accounting in Thailand: Introduction

This guide covers the essential Thai accounting requirements set out in the accounting standards, accounting act and other provisions.

Taxation in Thailand: Introduction

There is both direct and indirect tax you may be subject to, and it is important to know which taxes you will need to pay.

Withholding tax in Thailand

The purpose of withholding tax in Thailand is to reduce an annual burden on the taxpayer. Our guide explains how it works and what to do.

Personal income tax on Thai vs foreign sourced income

Learn how residential status affects how personal income tax (PIT) is calculated in Thailand on both local and foreign sourced income.

Value added tax (VAT) in Thailand

Our guide explains the importance for newly established companies reaching the VAT threshold to register for VAT and complete requirements.

Tax submission forms in Thailand

This is a complete list of the important tax submission forms in Thailand. The taxes in Thailand that are required to be filed and submitted include: Withholding tax Corporate income tax Personal income tax Value-added tax (VAT) Specific business tax Withholding tax Tax forms for withholding tax include: Form Purpose Frequency PND 1 Used when […]

Personal income tax in Thailand

Know the tax rates and exemptions, and understand your personal income tax obligations to avoid unnecessary complications.

Double taxation agreements in Thailand

Our guide explains double-taxation for individuals or companies in Thailand who can benefit from relief through tax exemptions or tax credits.

Profit repatriation from Thailand: Transferring money out of Thailand

Thailand has strict regulations regarding foreign exchange transactions and also impose taxes on profit remittance. Explore the regulations.

Land & buildings tax in Thailand

Land & buildings tax is a new type of tax that came into effect on 1 Jan 2020, replacing ‘local maintenance tax’ and ‘household and land tax’.

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