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Private limited company in Thailand.

A private limited company is an ideal structure for most foreign businesses and entrepreneurs. You can set it up either in partnership with a Thai national or opt for foreign ownership (up to 100%).

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    Legal solutions for industries which limit allowed foreign ownership
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What is a private limited company?

A limited company is a Thai equivalent of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) and is usually the preferred first step to setting up a new business in Thailand. All limited companies have directors, shareholders (both Thai and foreign in many cases), promoters, and limited liability. In this case, limited liability means that the shareholder in a Thai company can only ever lose only the capital they invested. Because the rights and obligations of all parties are set down in writing in the company’s Articles of Association, everyone has a clear understanding of their legal standing within a company, unlike some joint ventures where some duties and privileges can drift into a complex grey area. With a Thai limited company, all legal entitlements and responsibilities are clearly stated and available for reference when required.

Here’s what you need to start a limited company.


Two (or more) shareholders


One (or more) director


2M THB in capital per each foreign employee*


Registered corporate address in Thailand

Benefits of a limited company.

Limited liability

The liability of the shareholders is limited to the registered capitalization of the company. This provides high level security and protection for shareholders and investors.

Full control

By utilizing a tiered corporate share structure (preferred shares), control of the company can be maintained by adjusting share voting rights and dividend allocations.

Flexible options

A limited company may engage in all business types business with the relative business licenses. Company shareholders, directors, objectives, name, address are all flexible.

Foreign ownership

It is possible for foreigners to own 100% of the shares of a company in Thailand if their activates fall under certain relaxed or unrestricted criteria. See foreign ownership options.

Corporate bank account

A registered Thai company is eligible to apply for a corporate savings account, checking account and/or foreign currency account. Online banking functionality is available.

Work permit & visa

According the registered capital and other labor department criteria, a company may apply for multiple work permits to accommodate foreigner executives and staff members.

Two ways to set up a limited company as a foreigner.


Thai company.

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    Majority Thai
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    Foreign business license not required
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    2M+ THB in registered capital*
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    Unrestricted in its activities (if lawful)
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    1:4 foreign to Thai employee ratio

A limited company that is majority-owned by a Thai national generally doesn’t encounter restrictions – it can be engaging in any business activity and doesn’t face capital requirements (unless it employs foreigners). Consequently, for many, it is beneficial to form a business partnership with a Thai national, in order to meet the legal definition of a “Thai company.”

1 week to register

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Foreign company.

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    Majority foreign (> 49% up to 100%)
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    Foreign business license (FBL) required
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    3M+ THB in registered capital**
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    Restricted in activities as per the FBA
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    1:4 foreign to Thai employee ratio***

If a limited company is majority-owned by a foreigner, it is considered a foreign company and must obtain an FBL before engaging in business activities (unless promoted by BOI or registered under Treaty Amity, see the exceptions below). Such a company now faces stricter government restrictions and its scope of business is limited to activities allowed by the FBA.

3–4 months to register & obtain FBL

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*If the limited company employs foreign staff or directors, it needs to have 2M THB in registered capital per foreign employee and be also registered for VAT. A majority Thai-owned limited company with no foreign staff or directors has no capital requirements.

**Foreign companies face the same capital requirement for employing foreigners – 2M THB per foreigner.

***BOI-promoted companies can enjoy more relaxed foreign-to-Thai employee ratio.

100% foreign ownership options.

BOI – Board of Investment company

A BOI promoted Thailand company can enjoy the benefits of 100% ownership, tax incentives and other government concessions.

US Treaty of Amity company

American citizens can exercise 100% foreign ownership of a Thailand company by utilizing the Treaty of Amity agreement.

Majority foreign-owned limited company with FBL

A company may make application for a foreign business license by demonstrating a benefit to the country through technical and knowledge transfer, investment and employment factors.

Export company

A company registered to EXPORT ONLY with 100% of the revenues realized from outside Thailand is eligible for 100% foreign ownership.

Manufacturing company

A registered Thai company is eligible to apply for a corporate savings account, checking account and/or foreign currency account. Online banking functionality is available.

Hotel management company

A company registered as HOTEL MANAGEMENT ONLY is eligible for 100% foreign ownership.

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