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Thailand recruitment license.

If your company engages in recruitment services then a recruitment license must be issued through the Thai Labor Department to allow this activity.

recruitment license

Recruitment laws in Thailand.

When applying for a recruitment license, the following needs to be taken into account:

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    The director of the company signing for the recruitment business, needs to be Thai. If there is more than one authorised director in the company, the board of directors shall pass a resolution appointing a Thai director to be authorised to sign for recruitment business.
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    The company shall have at least 51% of Thai shareholders, either Thai individuals or juristic persons
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    The company office must be at least 16 square meters big, be clearly separated from other companies, and show the company name at the front of the office. A letter of consent from the landlord confirming the use of the address for this purpose, is required. The official will inspect the office before issuing the approval and will perform yearly inspection without prior notice.
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    In order to obtain the recruitment license, a guarantee of 100,000 THB will need to be paid
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    The director will need to provide a copy of his/her criminal record

After the license is granted, the company is required to change the company name by adding the words “recruitment business” to its legal name. The recruitment business also has to be taken up in the company objectives.

Upon submission of all documents, the license should be issued within 15 working days. Do note that the inspection of the criminal record may take up to two months. The government license fee is at 5,000 THB.

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