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Thailand construction license.

Constructing, modifying or destroying a building necessitates acquiring a construction license for your business.

construction license

Legal construction
in Thailand.

A construction permit or license will be required in the following cases:

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    When building a new building
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    When adding or modifying the existing building by:
    • Changing the structure of the concrete (prestressed concrete building), or the material, size, amount or type of the building
    • Changing a part of the building whereby the weight will be increased by more than 10 percent Changing a part of the floor or roof whereby the surface increases or decreases more than five square meters
    • Adding posts or beams
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    When constructing or modifying a building other than approved by plan before if:
    • The space between the building and the public area is different from the approved area plan by more than 20 percent, or the area plan is changed
    • The proportion of structure is different from the approved plan by more than five percent
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    When destructing or moving a building
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    Using differently or changing the usage of a building
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    Modifying or using the parking, u-turn, car entrance and/or exit for another purpose

To submit the application for the construction license, we can apply at the following places:

  • In Bangkok

    • Public Works Section in the Local District Office, in case it’s a residence building, a block, dormitory, flat, apartment, office, townhouse, condominium, showroom, warehouse (no more than 10 meters between each pillar), commercial building (no more than four floors and not higher than 15 meters), row house (no more than 2 floors), pet building, temporary building or wooden bridge.
    • Building Control Division in the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (Din Daeng), in case it’s a building which has more than four floors, public building, toxic building, any other building not mentioned above, and in any case for changing the building’s usage including applying for the certificate, etc.
  • In another province

    • Inside the municipality area, submit the application at the Engineering Section of the local Municipality Office
    • Outside the municipality area, submit at the local government service office, for example, Tambon Administration Organisation Office

Government fee.

Type of permitPrice
Construction Permit20 THB
Modification Permit10 THB
Destruction Permit10 THB
Relocation Permit10 THB
Change of Usage Permit20 THB
Certification10 THB
Certified Document Using Instead of the Permit or the Certification5 THB

The total process takes up to 45 days, but it can be longer. The maximum is 135 days.

The penalty for constructing, modifying or destroying a building without the proper license, is imprisonment for not exceeding three months or a fine of not exceeding 60,000 THB, or both. It is possible to be fined daily – not exceeding 10,000 THB – until the proper license has been obtained.

Note: when the building is successfully constructed or modified as it was permitted, the approval to open the building will be required. The local government officer shall be informed to inspect the construction or modification. After the local government officer inspected the building and agreed that the construction or modification is safe and correctly build, they will grant the permit for using the building to the applicant.

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