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Thailand import/export paperless license.

In order to legally import/export goods from and to Thailand, your business needs to obtain an import/export license.

import/export paperless license

Import/export license

Once the company is set up in Thailand, registered for VAT and has a corporate bank account, you can apply for the import/export card (paperless license). This card will show a number which is required if you wish to import or export goods in Thailand. You will be required to fill an application form and prepare documents to submit to the Customs Department. These days, the application process takes merely one day after which you will receive your company license number to carry out import and/or export of goods.

Required documents.

The documents required are as follows:

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    K 1 application (only 1st and 2nd pages)
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    Copy of company affidavit (updated within six months)
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    Two copies of value added tax certificate (PP 20)
  • dot
    Copy of first page of bank account and bank statement
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    Copy of seal registration (BAJ 3)
  • dot
    Copy of passport
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    Power of attorney (The 3rd page of KSK 1)
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