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Unusual Limited

For foreign corporations conducting business in Thailand, like Unusual Limited, understanding the tax environment can be a steep learning curve.
unusual limited
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For foreign corporations conducting business in Thailand, understanding the tax environment can be a steep learning curve. This case study features UnUsUal Limited, a Singapore based company that needed tax advisory services when it landed a large-scale project in Thailand.

The challenge

Although based in Singapore, which has a double taxation agreement with Thailand, Unusual Limited had a Thailand project that would extend over 180 days and so they had concerns over tax reporting on income from the project. Without an entity incorporated within Thailand, the situation looked complicated and bound in red tape.

We engaged the services of Acclime Thailand in March 2020 to provide an opinion and advice on our tax liability position, with reference to the relevant laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Unusual Limited’s needs.

  • Advice on tax liability and reporting procedures
  • Suggestions on overcoming issues arising from not having a Thailand entity
  • Assistance with drafting forms and filing reports
  • Ease of working on Thailand compliance from the home base of Singapore

Our solution

Tax consultation

Our accountants would assess the income and calculate tax liability according to Thailand regulations.

Tax compliance and tax clearance

Our accounting management team would explore and find solutions to the unwanted requirement of Permanent Establishment in Thailand, which was due to the project extending over 180 days.

Registration of Corporate Tax ID in Thailand

Acclime would act as the official representative in Thailand for the purposes of tax clearance and submission, as well as registration with the Thailand tax authority.

Presented with the issues in our case, they were able to understand our position and provided options with respect to finding solution. Acclime were knowledgeable in their field of work.

The result

Our consultations gave Unusual Limited confidence that the Thailand tax submissions would be handled optimally and professionally. Our accounting team were able to compile the submission reports in accordance with the requirements of both Thailand and Singapore under the double-taxation agreement. Acclime assisted in meeting the client’s need for transparency and compliance.

Acclime handled the registrations and filings with tax officials to smooth this case without detriment to the client. The entire process Thailand was translated and communicated to Unusual Limited in English, so that they could oversee the completion of the tax clearance from their homebase of Singapore.

Their responses were timely, work was detailed and most importantly, they listen carefully and provide good advice. They are a delight to work with and we would be pleased to refer anyone in a similar situation to Acclime.

About UnUsUal Limited

Unusual Limited is a Singapore based company which started as a business specialising in the rental of staging, audio and lighting equipment. With a track record of over 20 years, it has grown to be one of the leading names in Asia, specialising in the production and promotion of large-scale live events and concerts by Asian and International artistes.

Not sure where to begin?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss starting & operating your company in Thailand.

Ashmin, Acclime business services coordinator

Not sure where to begin?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss setting up & managing your accounting in Thailand.

Pornpun (Som), Acclime accounting coordinator