Myanmar trademark registration.

Registering a trademark provides legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement of your intellectual property. A registered trademark greatly strengthens your ability to enforce your rights, as well as ensuring that you are not unknowingly infringing on a trademark held by another.

Trademark processing
and registration.

Registration of a trademark takes only about one month in Myanmar. Its simple steps start with the provision of a specimen of your trademark with a detailed description of goods or services you provide under such trademark. Our staff will compile the necessary documents for trademark registration. The documents include a Power of Attorney and Declaration of Ownership of Trademark that needs to be notarised. Our staff acts fast upon receipt of notarised documents to submit the application for registration at the Office of Registrar of Deeds. As soon as we get a green light to proceed with the registration, we run a Cautionary Notice in a local English newspaper. The notice covers particulars of the trademark ranging from the name of the owner to a short warning against infringement or counterfeiting of the mark.

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