Change company name.

If you wish to change the name of your existing company or a company that you will be purchasing, the change must be registered with the Department of Business Development in order for the new name to be valid.

Change company name

How to change
a company name.

The revenue department and other government offices where the company is registered (e.g. Social Fund or Labor Office) must also be informed about this change. Also the corporate seal, always containing the full legal name of the company, will have to be updated.


In registering the change in a company’s name and seal with the DBD, the following steps must be taken:

  • Reserve the new company name and order the new seal to match the company’s new name;
  • Publish a notice calling for a shareholders’ meeting at least once in a local newspaper, no later than 14 days before the date scheduled for the meeting. That notice will also have to be sent by registered mail to all shareholders. The time period for publication of a notice before the meeting may be different as specified in the company’s Articles of Association.
  • After the shareholders meeting has taken place and the change of company’s name has been officially approved, this change will be documented in government forms which will be registered with the DBD within two weeks from the date of the meeting.

From your side, we will need the company documents, identification of the director(s) and shareholders, and the new name and logo. Based on this information, we can prepare the necessary paperwork that will have to be signed by the client.

The company’s name and company’s seal may also have to be changed at the Revenue department if it is registered for VAT.

Required documents.

The documents required to submit to the Revenue Department include:

  • Amendment form for VAT registration (Porpor.09)
  • VAT certification (Porpor.20) (Original and 1 copy)
  • VAT registration (Porpor.01); three copies
  • Copy of passport or ID card and house registration of a director
  • Company affidavit (full set) and company documents updated from the DBD upon registration of the changes
  • Power of attorney

Subsequent administration may also be required for all registrations, bank accounts and licenses.

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